As this new year

As this new year starts we pray for our world of extremes. For those causing, and those affected by, climate change. For those hopeful for, and those in fear of, the coming year. For those with plenty, and those in need. God, be with us.

As 2021 draws to

As 2021 draws to a close we look back on a year which has had too few ups and too many downs. Though 2022 sadly seems to offer more of the same, we have hope in our God. Blessings on you all.

Wow, Christmas i

Wow, Christmas is tiring, isn’t it? What you need is a relaxing Quiet Communion church service. Find some peace amongst the festive fun at 10AM tomorrow, we’d love to welcome you to our church in #Birstall.

Happy Christmas,

Happy Christmas, everyone! From St Peters in Birstall we wish you all a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

Our special family-friendly Christmas Communion service is starting at 10AM, and we would love to meet you. Bring a present to show us!

Everyone ready f

Everyone ready for Christmas Day? Presents wrapped? Tree decorated? A carrot left out for Rudolph? Great!

Tonight we’ll prepare the most important thing of all: our hearts. Join us at 11:30PM for our special Midnight Communion service.

Tonight is our s

Tonight is our special Midnight Communion at 11:30PM, bringing in Christmas Day with candles and prayers. You are very welcome to join us, especially if you’re new to church. Experience the wonder of the season at St Peters.

Our Crib Service

Our Crib Service starts at 4PM, we’d love to welcome you and children young and old to this special family-friendly service. We’ll be preparing the crib for Christmas Day, and everyone will be in a really festive mood.