Sunday services

At 10am on Sunday we hold our main worship service. Each week we alternate between traditional and contemporary worship styles, so there’s something for everyone.

What to expect

Our 10am service lasts around one hour 15 minutes, generally finishing about 11:15am. While restrictions for Coronavirus have been lifted, we do ask that people are sensitive to those who wish to maintain social distancing, or the wearing of masks.

We celebrate birthdays; share joys and concerns; listen to a talk (normally lasting about 10 minutes, during which there is no pressure to laugh at the ‘jokes’!) and, of course, pray together.

The alter
The alter, ready for our Sunday service

All the words you need (song words and prayers) are displayed on screens around the church, but there’s no pressure to participate.

Sung worship

Our sung worship differs depending on whether the service is a traditional or contemporary one. Please see the calendar for details of when these two types of services are held. One thing to stress is that we are one church, with two styles of worship. So, you are encouraged to try both services!

Traditional service

In our traditional service we sing hymns, accompanied by pre-recorded organ.

Contemporary service

In our contemporary service music is mainly provided by live musicians, and draws on classic and contemporary worship songs, as well as our own versions of favourite hymns.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the way we celebrate Communion has had to change, and we cannot promise exactly which weeks communion will be celebrated – although we endeavour for this to be every week. We will try to announce on this website, and on various social media channels, the weeks on which we will be having Communion.

We invite everyone to participate in Communion. If you take the bread and wine in your own church we welcome you to do the same here. Otherwise you can come for a blessing – but there’s no pressure to do anything you don’t want to.

Facilities for children

Children are very welcome at our services, but don’t worry if they are a bit noisy – it’s what children do best! You are welcome to keep your school-age children with you for the full service, and activities will be provided on the right-hand side of the church if your children wish to participate.

Our Sunday School is held during the service in term-time, lasting about half an hour. So while parents and carers can participate in the main church service, children are entertained and learn about the Christian faith. Children are brought back into church before communion, so families can share together.


We serve refreshments after our service, and we would love to meet you and have a chat. If it is your first time visiting St Peters we would also appreciate you filling in our visitor card to help us find out more about you.