We are St Peter’s are here to help and support you at a time when feelings and emotions are very raw, and many decisions have to be made in a short time.

If you choose a Church of England funeral service, either  in church or at the crematorium, we will be here to assure you of God’s compassion and grace.

A funeral service held at St Peter's

The first person to speak to will be your undertaker. They will provide all the initial advice as how to proceed with all the arrangements. They can contact our Vicar or one of our licensed Lay Ministers on your behalf or if you would prefer, you can contact us directly here.

The Vicar in conjunction with your undertaker can advise you of what to do and how to progress all the arrangements that need to be made and help you with those tasks. They will gently talk you through what needs to be done and what you have to do.

Each funeral is unique and we try to respect and honour the wishes of the departed and their family and friends as we remember them and celebrate their life.

One of our key members looking after people at this time is Solly Wilson. You may contact her by clicking here.

You may also wish to look at the regulations regarding headstones in our Graveyard.