Joining videos together nicely (using the Swipe)

OK, we have multiple video in OpenShot but at the moment there’s no nice transition between them. After a bit of experimenting, I found that using a “swipe” graphic allows a smooth way to hide the first video, so the second video can be shown. It looks like this when it’s moving.

The swipe in action

Here you can see how the Swipe covers the end of the first and beginning of the second video (I’ve hidden the “Words” and “Words BG” tracks to make this easier to see):

The swipe item in detail, show its keyframes

Getting the Swipe set up is a bit tricky, so I do it once and then copy and paste it to wherever I need it in the service.

Setting up the Swipe

First I make drop the swipe file into the “Swipe” track in OpenShot. It looks a bit weird at first:

How the swipe looks when you drag it into OpenShot

That’s because I’ve had to make the file big enough to be able to slide up and down and hide everything underneath it. The first thing you should do is select it, and change the properties to these (remember the red line must be at/before the beginning of the item to apply the property change to the whole of it).

  • Scale X and Scale Y: 2.20
  • Location Y: 1.40

Woah! The Swipe has gone! Those settings have made it much bigger (2.2 times it’s default size) and moved it to below the visible area of the preview window. It’s still there, but hidden.

Now place the red line about 1 second in from the beginning of the Swipe and change the Location Y setting to “0.20”. You’ll see the Swipe covers the whole of the preview window:

The swipe covering the whole of the window

And if you go back to the beginning of the Swipe and press play you can see that OpenShot animates it. Cool, that was easy.

There’s one more thing to do here. You see these green ticks when you select the Swipe:

The swipe item in detail, show its keyframes

They show where the keyframes are – that is, where I’ve told OpenShot I want a change to the item’s properties.

  1. The first green tick at the very beginning of the item are the settings applied when the swipe is frist put on the screen – where it’s hidden off the bottom of the window.
  2. The second green tick is where the swipe has slid up to cover the window.
  3. The third green tick is where we want the swipe to start sliding back down.
  4. The last green tick is where the swipe has slid off the bottom of the window and is no longer visible.

To add a new green tick we select the item we want to edit, put our red line where we want it to be – in the last of the third green tick about 1.5-2 second after the second green tick – and right-click on the “Location Y” property and select “Insert keyframe”:

Inserting a keyframe in OpenShot

Remember, it might take you a little while to get one swipe set up right – but you can copy and paste it everywehere you want to use it in the service.

Now we can edit and add words.

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