Exporting the final video

Once you’re happy with everything, and have played through the entire video checking it for mistakes, click the red export button:

The export button in OpenShot

In the “Video profile” dropdown select “HD 1080p 25 fps (1920×1080)”, and for “Quality” select “Med”. This is good enough quality to look good, but doesn’t end up with a huge file size. This is how it should look (your “File Name” and “Folder Path” settings will be different to mine):

OpenShot export settings

Check the file is going to be saved to a sensible place, and click “Export video”. Then wait. For ages.

Seriously, it’s going to take a LONG time to export.

When it’s finished play through the video checking it for mistakes, things like:

  • Words which don’t line up well with the speakers voice
  • Missing words (for example, have you forgotten to put the Lord’s Prayer in?)
  • “Flashes” of things being shown where they should be fading in or out smoothly
  • Blank spaces
  • Places where the speakers video and audio don’t line up
  • Anything else that looks weird!

A service lasting about 45 minutes will be about 1.8GB in size. That’s about half a DVD, and will take a LONG time to upload to Facebook/YouTube (unless you have a mega fast internet connection).