Checking the source videos are OK to use

It’s great that people have got involved and are willing to record themselves on video to go in the service. Having different people involved makes the online services feel much more like a church family thing.

However, most people aren’t professional film-makers so get things wrong when recording themselves. There’s some help here ( but we still get sent videos that have problems.

Ideally we want videos where the person is framed like this:

An example of good framing – the person in shot is not too near or too far away from the camera, and with good lighting

But if they are more like this then we’re going to struggle to make them look good.

An example of bad framing – the person is too close to the camera

If they look OK, but aren’t near enough to the camera, that’s fine – we can crop in closer to them:

Showing how framing with the person not near enough to the camera can be cropped to make them appear nearer

I’ll show you how to do that later.

So take a look at the video, if it’s REALLY bad we can ask them to do it again (if there’s enough time to do that and they don’t mind).

Now we can make the sound quality better.

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