Making an online service video

Making an online service video seems quite complicated, but you’ll see as we go through it that actually you’re doing the same things multiple times. That’s because the whole service is just a series of smaller videos put together.

Still frame from an online service video, showing Wendy and a Bible reference

We’ll be covering:


Before we get started you’ll need to install some software. This is what I use on Windows, other similar (and free) software is available if you’re more comfortable with other applications.

Video editing: OpenShot

Where we create the service video; allows us to put video and audio into a “timeline”.

Audio editing: Audacity

Allows us to improve the quality of audio.

Media converting: VLC

Allows us to get the audio out of the videos we get sent, so we can improve the quality.

Text editing: Inkscape

Allows us to edit the text we’ll put into the service, which has to be in a special format called SVG.

If you’ve installed all those (or equivalents) we can start to set up the service video.