Consultation survey

The purpose of this survey is to ask for some information from you, as well as to find out your views about what is important to you going forwards. We hope to have a new vicar appointed at St Peter’s, although at this point we cannot take it for granted that this will be the case. However, even without a new vicar, this survey will still be important to us.

What's in this survey?

In the survey you will see some questions asking you for personal information about your age, gender, attendance and involvement at St Peter’s and our local community.

We are asking you for this so that we can summarise it to provide a picture of the sort of church we are. If we are able to advertise for a new vicar, then this information will also be useful for any potential applicants. We want them to have an understanding of who we are, who attends, what we do, and how we do it.

There are questions about what you believe is working well now, asking you to select from a choice of answers. There is also space for you to give your ideas and suggestions about what we could do better; if there is anything you feel you could help with; as well as what kind of skills and qualities you would like to see from a new vicar. We welcome completed surveys from the young people in our congregation.

Just so you know:

  • This is a voluntary survey
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete it
  • The survey is anonymous, unless you prefer to identify yourself by giving your name at the end
  • The surveys will be collated by a PCC sub group and kept completely confidential
  • Data or quotes used from any surveys will not identify individuals
  • Completed surveys will be disposed of as soon as we have collated and sent out a summary of the results

Before we get started

Some of the questions are required - you have to fill them in. These required questions have a red asterisk (*). If you click 'next' and nothing happens, check to see if you've missed anything. You'll also have to fill in the whole form in one go; sorry, but there's no way to save your form halfway through and come back to it later. But there's no rush to fill in the whole form! You can take a while considering your answers if you need to.

Lastly, this form may seem long and complicated, but the answers you give will help to guide the fuiture of our church for the next 5 or even 10 years. So it's worth spending some time thinking about exactly what you like, don't like, and would like to happen in church.

Tell us more about you

Each adult/young person should complete the survey for themselves (i.e. separate surveys if you are a couple or family).

If you are a family with children or young people (who are not completing a survey themselves) then please will ONE parent tick the relevant boxes for themselves and their children.
If less than 1 year please enter '1'

On the next page we ask about what is important to you when we think about who will lead our church in the future. Click 'next page' to continue.