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Dear friend,

Welcome to the September newsletter from St Peter's Church, we hope you have had a refreshing summer. In this newsletter you'll see the dates and times of our services this month, and details about what else we're up to as a church family.
Hi Everyone

Well, I’m back from a family holiday and I’m all about “New Year, New Start”. I recognise that we are still eons away from the actual new year, but the bonus of my job is that I can claim a new year on a variety of dates. In January we have the actual new year, the beginning of Lent is a bit like a new year cleanse, Easter is all about having a fresh start. Then there is the start of the new school year in September and the start of the Church year on the first Sunday of Advent. For me, these are all perfect excuses to get organised.

As I have been attempting to organise the study and create a few more positive habits to help me to keep on top of things, I am all too aware that all of my resolutions will seem like a distant memory within a few weeks. I have lots of good intentions but sticking to them is another thing all together. So, if you are like me and you seem to flip-flip between having it all together and being overwhelmed by the chaos of life, fear not. Our shared faith is all about having a fresh start.

Lamentations 3:22-23 says:

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.”

You can start again any time you need to, you don’t need to wait for a seasonal change or even for Monday morning. So even if you’ve got a bit lost in the chaos or your faith seems to have slipped away into the background, don’t worry you can start afresh right now!

With love


Creation season

We are heading into a new season in the church calendar. From 4th September all the way through to 2nd October is Creationtide. This is a season in the church when we focus on God’s good creation so you will see that popping up as a recurring theme in our worship for the next few weeks.

4th September is Climate Sunday. This is a special Sunday when we think and pray specifically about the Climate Emergency.

As well as praying, we want to be people who act. Rosie and Martin Price, our environmental officers, are working away in the background to help us as a church know how we can make positive changes to preserve and protect God’s good creation and do our bit to work towards the Church of England’s net zero carbon emissions target.

Harvest Sunday

On the last Sunday of Creationtide (2nd October) we will be celebrating harvest. This year, more than ever, our harvest offerings are going to be really important. Lots of households are worried about the rising costs and having to make the choice between eating or putting the heating on. We’re not in a position to pay people’s fuel bills but we can help to feed people by supporting our local food banks.

Please do bring along your offerings of food on that Sunday to give thanks for God’s blessings to us but also to support those who are struggling in our local community.
A Bible and a coffee cup

Home groups

We are hoping to start home groups in the next few weeks. If you didn’t get round to signing up, it’s not too late just let me know and I can add you to a group. From the numbers so far, it looks like there will be two home groups with the possibility of more in the future if others want to join. Thank you to all those who offered to lead or host a group.

We had more offers of help than are currently needed but we will keep hold of your names so that we can add groups as we gain more participants. I will be in touch with everyone who has said that they want to join shortly to let you all know when and where the groups will be.
Wooden childrens toys

Children and youth

We are so blessed to have so many children and families who have started coming along to church. We are now at a point where we need to split the Sunday school into a junior and a senior group. The junior group will continue to meet in the Sunday School room and the senior group will be meeting in the fellowship area.

If your child would like to join the Sunday school, please see Sue Lawson or one of the Sunday School team who will be able to give you a registration form.

The Sunday School will run during term time on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month. On the 1st Sunday of the month, we will all be in together, but we are hoping to use this Sunday each month to help children to have the opportunity to get more involved in our worship. As always, each week there will be a children’s activity table in the south aisle for use during the service. In the holidays activities will be available but this area will not be staffed, and we ask that parents and carers supervise their children whilst they are using the space.

We now have a comfortable place to feed and care for very little ones at the back of church on the south side. Please make use of the space if you need to.

We are also currently in conversation with the churches in Cleckheaton and Brownhill to create a monthly youth event. There are no further details on this yet, but I wanted to reassure our young people that you have not been forgotten about and there are some exciting plans in the pipeline. Watch this space…
Church Wood in bloom

For your diary

We hope that you can join us each Sunday in church for our 10:30AM contemporary service (with an additional 9AM traditional service on the first Sunday of the month), with the Revd Jess.

Some of our less mobile members find it difficult to get to church on their own. If anyone can help with offers of lifts, or if you would like a lift, please let Jess, Leif or Wendy know and they will do their best to coordinate.

Details for all of these events and services are available on our website.
  • Sunday 4th September
    • 9am: Monthly Quiet Communion Service
    • 10:30am: Family Communion Service
    • 12:30pm: Baptism Service
  • Wednesday 7th September - 10am: Midweek Communion
  • Thursday 8th September - 1pm: Playtime
  • Sunday 11th September - 10:30am: Family Communion Service (with Sunday School)
  • Monday 12th September - 7pm: PCC meeting (at the Vicarage)
  • Wednesday 14th September - 10am: Midweek Communion
  • Thursday 15th September - 1pm: Playtime
  • Saturday 17th September - 11am-3pm: Heritage Open Day
  • Sunday 18th September
    • 10:30am: Family Communion Service (with Sunday School)
    • 1pm-4pm: Heritage Open Day
  • Wednesday 21st September - 10am: Midweek Communion
  • Thursday 22nd September - 1pm: Playtime
  • Sunday 25th September - 10:30am: Family Communion Service (with Sunday School)
  • Wednesday 28th September - 10am: Midweek Communion
  • Thursday 29th September - 1pm: Playtime
Prayer Ministry Team members will be available every Sunday to pray with anyone should the need arise. If you aren't in church for the Sunday service but would like prayer, please contact us - the Holy Spirit can cope with a telephone call. Please don't worry or suffer alone.

Prayer for September

Creator God, we live in a world where many cry out for bread and justice; where the earth is
parched and the well has run dry; where rising waters and heavy rains threaten lives and livelihoods.

Compel us to care and to heal areas suffering from catastrophic drought, flood, and fire.

O God, help us to share in your love for the whole of Creation.


And finally

If you need support in any way - prayer, or practical help - please contact us on our special email address:

We hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you have suggestions for things we can put in it please do get in touch.
Thanks for reading. God bless you all.

St Peter's Church, Birstall
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