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Welcome to the new monthly newsletter from St Peter's Church. In this newsletter you'll see the dates and times of our services - both in the church and online - and details about what else we're up to as a church family.

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Our services

The last six months have been worrying for everyone, and it was heartbreaking not being able to meet in person as a church family. But we're very pleased that we've held services in church since the beginning of September - as well as continuing to provide an online service.

Services in church

Services in church are at 10AM on Sundays. If you come to church please be aware that you will be required to wear a mask, and there are various other restrictions in place. You can see all the details on our website.

Services online

If you don't feel ready or able to come to church you can watch our online service from home. This service contains the same readings, prayers and sermon you would get if you came to church - but with songs and hymns by our Worship Team. Feel free to sing along as loudly as you like!

The online service is broadcast at 10AM on Sundays, and there are several places you can watch it. It will be on our Facebook page and also on our new YouTube channel. And if you click on a service on the "Services" page on the website you can also watch the online service there.

You can also watch the video at any time on Sunday, even watch it many times if you want! Please do consider sharing the service on social media, and sending the link to friends and family who may enjoy it. We'd love more people to get to know our special church.

So there are lots of ways you can see our service, but if you have any technical problems please contact help@stpetersbirstall.co.uk and we'll try to get you sorted.

Tips for videoing

Thank you to everyone who is involved in doing readings, prayers and other things for the online services. Some people have asked about tips to make their videos look better, so there's now a special page on the website containing suggestions. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to email the technical help line: help@stpetersbirstall.co.uk

900 year stone carving

We'd like to thank Susan Clarke for this beautiful stone carving, presented to the church a couple of weeks ago. It's fantastic to see the talents we have in our church family, and this carving will no doubt be a prominent focal point in church for many years to come.

Did you know?

There's lots of information about the history of the church, including close-up pictures of the Frampton mural, in the "History" section of our website. In the future we hope, with the help of our keen historians, to enhance this section even more.

One things you may not be aware of is this amazing 900+ year timeline which puts the history of the church into perspective.

What's on in October

As the coronavirus restrictions continue we are very limited in what services and events we can put on. In October we will be having a service each Sunday:
  • 4th October: Sunday worship (in church and online)
  • 11th October: Harvest Festival (in church and online). Please bring your gifts of dried or tinned food only on this Sunday (or before) - no fresh food please - which we will be donating to the local Food Bank.
  • 18th October: Sunday worship (in church and online)
  • 25th October: Sunday worship (in church and online)

And finally

If you need support in any way - prayer, or practical help - please contact us on our special email address: support@stpetersbirstall.co.uk.

We hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you have suggestions for things we can put in it please do get in touch.
Thanks for reading. God bless you all.

St Peter's Church, Birstall