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Welcome to the May newsletter from St Peter's Church. In this newsletter you'll see the dates and times of our services in May and beyond, and details about what else we're up to as a church family.
Hi Everyone,

Alleluia Christ is Risen!! Easter may feel like it was a long time ago but in reality, we’re still in the season of celebration. Easter is never the end of the story, instead we’re invited into a new beginning. Every Sunday morning I get to burst out of an empty tomb at the front of church. For some the empty tomb is just a reminder of the liturgical season we are in but for me it’s a continual reminder of the fact that I am reborn in Christ. It’s a sign of hope and of a bright future, continually inviting us to look ahead to the promise of the new heavens and new earth.

This month we continue to share the stories of Jesus’ resurrection appearances, then we move on to the Ascension, and finally to Pentecost where we are yet again reminded that we are a sent people. Jesus sends us all out to proclaim the good news and make disciples of all nations, teaching them about Jesus and baptising them in his name. What a wonderful privilege and joy to be agents of the kingdom and messengers of hope. Pentecost also tells us that our witness is just as important as our worship.

So, if you get the opportunity, don’t be afraid to share your story of faith, and why not invite someone to come to church with you. You never know, this might be the beginning of an amazing adventure into faith for them.

With love

The alter at St Peters church

Worship Review

The worship review is finally here! Over the last 5 months we’ve been attempting an alternating pattern of traditional and more contemporary worship. It’s now over to you have your say. You can access the worship review here:

It will also be coming out by email for those who have given us your email address and will be available as a printed version for those who would struggle to access it electronically. All ages are invited to participate.

This review will directly inform the shape of worship at St Peter’s going forward so it is really that you take this opportunity to make your views known. The deadline for responses is 22nd May 2022.
Restored Frampton mural

Ascension Day

We’re trying something a little different this year as part of our Ascension Day celebrations. Instead of having a formal service, we are going to have a less formal all age celebration after school on Thursday 26th May. Keep an eye on the notices for more details closer to the day.
Daffodil near the door of St Peters church

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a national Church of England initiative encouraging the whole church to join together in prayer during the 9 days between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday (26th May – 5th June) with a particular focus on church growth and seeing people come to faith.

This year we’ll be giving everyone a little card to help us all pray through the 9 days. Alternatively, you can sign up for daily prayer text messages over the 9 days by sending a text message to 07949226508 saying Prayer Text.
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Queen will be celebrating her 75th year on the throne this year. On Saturday 4th June there will be a big celebration in the centre of Birstall. Please do support this event if you can and, if you are able to help out on the day with stewarding, please do let Jess know and we can pass your name on to the organisers.

On Sunday 5th June, we’ll be praying for the Queen as part of our Pentecost celebrations, and we invite everyone to bring a picnic to eat in the church grounds together after the service and join in a few garden games.
View from the church tower

For your diary

We hope that you can join us each Sunday in church for our 10AM service, with the Revd Jess.

Some of our less mobile members find it difficult to get to church on their own. If anyone can help with offers of lifts, or if you would like a lift, please let Leif or Wendy know and they will do their best to coordinate.

Details for all of these events and services are available on our website.
  • 1st May – 10am - Traditional Service with Holy Communion
  • 4th May – 10am – Midweek Communion
  • 4th May – 11am – Meet and Eat
  • 5th May – 1pm - Playtime
  • 8th May – 10am - Contemporary Service with Holy Communion
  • 11th May – 10am - Midweek Communion
  • 11th May – 11am - Meet and Eat
  • 12th May – 1pm - Playtime
  • 15th May – 10am – Traditional Service with Holy Communion
  • 18th May – 10am – Midweek Communion
  • 18th May – 11am – Meet and Eat
  • 19th May – 1pm - Playtime
  • 22nd May – 10am – Contemporary Service with Holy Communion
  • 25th May – No Midweek Communion this week
  • 25th May – 11am – Meet and Eat
  • 26th May – 1pm - Playtime
  • 26th May – 4pm (TBC) – Ascension Day Family Event
  • 29th May – 10am – Traditional Service with Holy Communion
Prayer Ministry Team members will be available every Sunday to pray with anyone should the need arise. If you aren't in church for the Sunday service but would like prayer, please contact us - the Holy Spirit can cope with a telephone call. Please don't worry or suffer alone.

Prayer for May

Jesus is risen!
He is risen indeed!

May this declaration resound not only in these walls
but touch the lives of all we meet
and forever be the truth of which we speak.

Your love, once sown within a garden,
tended for your own people,
neglected and rejected,
now spreads its sweet perfume in this place
and wherever it is shown.

Jesus is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Prayer from

And finally

If you need support in any way - prayer, or practical help - please contact us on our special email address:

We hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you have suggestions for things we can put in it please do get in touch.
Thanks for reading. God bless you all.

St Peter's Church, Birstall
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