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Stories of Changed Lives

Our Churchwarden - Miles Lawson

When I was a youngster, I grew up in a town called Wimborne Minster in Dorset. I went to a local church called Canford Magna about 2 miles from Wimborne. I was a choir boy there from a young age and then I became a bellringer there. One summer our older vicar retired and a new vicar was to be inducted into the church and as part of that service there was to be a communion service. At the tender age of 14 I was asked to say the prayers during the service - I was terrified. The day came and I decided to go down to the church early to rehearse my prayers and the day was beatifully sunny. The church is located adjacent to the river Stour, so I went and sat by the river in the sun. However my fear was overcoming me and I prayed that the Lord would help me to do this. As I sat there on the grass in this idyllic place, I heard a voice speak to me saying "Dont worry Miles, you will be fine, I will ensure you will be heard through the church and all will hear these prayers". I was amazed and then a great sense of peace came over me. Sure enough, I went into the service and the time for prayers came and they went perfectly as promised. From that day forward I have never doubted our wonderful Lord and Saviour.
Folks, this is real - I know because He is close to me everyday no matter how bad I have been since then. He never lets us down. His Grace is for all of us.
Selfies with my Grandson Daniel.....
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