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Seasonal Services

Seasonal Services
Throughout the year there are special services to mark the seasons.

Holy Week
On the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of Holy Week, the week running up to Easter, a service of meditation is held to help people reflect on the story of the last days and hours of Jesus’ life.

On the Thursday (Maundy Thursday) we hold a supper service recalling the events of the Last Supper when Jesus washed his disciples feet and told them to eat bread and drink wine ‘in remembrance’ of him

On Good Friday we join with members of the other Christian Churches in Birstall for a walk of witness. Read more here. In the afternoon we meet to recall Jesus’ crucifixion very often in the form of a ‘hands on’, (experiential) meditation around the church.

All Souls Day (2nd November)
We send invitations to all those with whom we have had contact through funerals, for the previous 3 years, to the All Souls Day Service. During this service we remember their loved ones and invite them to light a candle in memory.

Remembrance Day
On the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday the church hosts the Annual Remembrance Sunday Service. This is led by the members of the clergy from the Birstall Churches and is organised in conjunction with the Royal British Legion. At the end of the service the congregation makes its way to the War Memorial which stands in the churchyard for the Act of Remembrance and Two minutes Silence. Read more about the
War Memorial here.

Christmas kicks off with a Christingle Service at 4pm on the first Sunday in December. This lovely service has it’s origins in Moravia and at it’s centre is the giving of Christingles to all the children. The Christingle (an orange wrapped around with a red ribbon and topped with a candle and fruit and nuts (or sweets) on sticks, symbolises the world, the love of Christ, who is the Light of the World, and the fruit of the earth. It’s a magical way to start the season.

A couple of weeks later, also at 4pm, we hold a Carols by Candlelight Service when we sing old favourites and hear the Christmas Story through Bible readings, all in seasonal candle-light.

On Christmas Eve at 4pm, when the shopping is completed, we gather for a Crib Service. This service for all children under the age of 100, helps us to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Children stand around the Nativity Stable to sing ‘Away in a manger’ before going home to get to bed early – hopefully. Watch out for the snow, which is a traditional feature on this occasion.

When all the children are ‘tucked up’ the church marks the beginning of Christmas Day with a Midnight Communion - which begins at 11.30pm. In a tradition that goes back centuries we celebrate the birth of Christ by remembering his death and resurrection. This service is held in seasonal candle-light.

Christmas Morning Worship begins at 10am. Children, and sometimes adults, bring presents with them so we can all share in their joy. Then it’s home for turkey and trimmings (or whatever).

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