Photo Gallery - St Peters Birstall

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Photo Gallery

The Gallery below is a reflection of church life throughout the year and shows the church and community together.
110913 Church Sillouete Star burst.jpg
Snow  Tower 100106.JPG
Snow over Frozen Dam 100106.JPG
Easter Altar 100412.JPG
Snowdrops 110316.jpg
East Window 110313.jpg
Reredos 110316.jpg
Mouse 110404.jpg
Church 110506.jpg
Wedding 110827.JPG
Church from South East 111102.JPG
Bonfire Night 111105.JPG
Tower with Autumn Leaves 111109.JPG
Crib 111225.JPG
Daffodil 1203328.JPG
Church Evening Silouette.JPG
Harvest Lunch 121007.JPG
Tower in Autumn 121021.JPG
Bonfire 121105.JPG
Remembrance Day 121111.JPG
Remembrance Sunday 121111.JPG
Christingle 121202.JPG
Christingle Children 121202.JPG
Wedding 121215.JPG
Church from East 140416.JPG
Church from North West 140416.JPG
Summer Fete 140628.JPG
Harvest Flowers 141005.JPG
Christmas Fayre 141122.JPG
Church with starburst 141227.JPG
Good Friday at Jnt 27 150403.jpg
Church Reflected in Dam 150422.JPG
Bridge Lunch 150513.JPG
Summer Fete 150627.JPG
Murder Mystery Dinner 150918.JPG
Bridge 5th Birthday 151124.JPG
Funeral Horses 161203.JPG
Community Carols 161221.JPG
Arthur and Mara Altar Fall 120520.JPG
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