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Deanery, Diocese & Mara Links

Deanery and Diocese
Birstall is part of the Birstall Deanery in the Leeds Diocese. We are supported in the work and mission of the church by the Diocese through the Bishops and Church House Staff. Visit the Diocese website here.

The clergy and lay representatives from each parish in the Deanery (which is approximately the area of the ancient parish of Birstall with the addition of the Morley area churches) meet several times a year to discuss the work of the churches in the area and matters pertaining to the life of the national church.

Mara Link

Parish of Mugumu (Tanzania)

The Wakefield Diocese is linked to the Diocese of Mara in Tanzania and we are linked to the Parish of Mugumu. St Joseph's is the parish church of Mugumu which is a township of several thousand people. They have been in the process of building the church themselves over the last few years and we have been privileged to be able to help them buy the materials

It was a joy to have the church secretary, Editer Peter,to stay in Birstall in November 1999 and worship with us. She brought presents with her including a woven mat, some wildlife pictures and a bowl.

We had previously sent a banner made by members of our congregation to decorate St Josephs Church. One of those who hosted her in Birstall was Kath O'Shea who returned the visit and was able to meet with some of the Mugumu people in Musoma. This was at a special occasion when members of the Wakefield Diocese, including Bishop Nigel, were present for the dedication of the Cathedral.

During a visit in 2012 from the Mara Diocese’s Link Officer, Arthur Mauya, a new Altar Fall was dedicated to remind the congregation at St Peter’s of this link. The panels incorporated into the fall were designed and printed by members of St Joseph’s Church. We are able to support the congregation through our prayers and know that they pray for us.

Dominican Rebublic Connections.

The Dominican Republic is a place of amazing beauty yet abject poverty. There are many folks who scavenge off the rubbish tips and sickness kills many parents leaving youngsters without home or help. Paul and Annette take over medical items as well as items that can help chiildren at a local orphange to their hotel. They meet up with volunteers who look to distribute whatever can be brought in. There is much needed to be done and what we provide is just a pinprick to the whole issue. Even so every little thing is so welcome to these people.

Please pray for these disadvantaged people who have very little hope. Please help us to help them in whatever way you can. in the first instance, please contact our vicar, Rev Paul Knight.
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